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Markeisha Logan E.A is an accountant that wears many hats in the accounting industry. Markeisha received her BA in Accounting in 2013 from Harris Stowe State University and her MA in Accountancy in 2015 from Lindenwood University. She holds an Enrolled Agent Certification.


I wrote this e-book audit-proof because I thought it was important for entrepreneurs to know what they should and shouldn’t be doing when it comes to taxes. Most people are scared of the IRS and don’t understand that the IRS is people. Therefore, if we are doing the right things and following the rules and regulations they have put in place we are fine. It’s also important to know those rules and hiring a professional to make sure that we comply. My e-book audit-proof provides 7 ways to audit-proof your business. Audits are a normal business activity, but it’s up to the business owner to become audit-proof. If you own a business or starting a business, this book will add value to your business forever.